Thursday, September 18, 2014

Welcome To Avoid The Grey

         Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay and find the information you seek.

          The purpose of this blog is to share with others what I have observed both directly and indirectly in regards to the race known as the Greys, and their cold ways. This is a race we must eventually acknowledge and deal with, but for now its easier for most to pretend its a wild fantasy. And why shouldn't they? The American elite alone has done a great deal to the effect of discrediting any alien encounter/researcher/incident they could, and single-handedly created the stigma of sharing our experiences with one another.

             Kinda makes you wonder....why? Why would they purposely want those of us who had something very serious to warn other humans about to be taken as a joke at best, or a total loon at worst.

              I can't give you the answers. Unfortunately, the disinformation campaign was very effective and for that reason it has become literally impossible for any one person to determine what was true and what was the elite group making a mockery of us. So what can we know? We know only what we've experienced. We know what we've seen to be true in our own lives, with our own eyes.

             The world can call me crazy for my knowledge of the Greys. They an choose to find comfort instead from laughing at me, and telling themselves I only believe this because its a part of our "pop culture" and I've been swayed by a population fear and have no validity to my understanding. For some, I imagine it will be the only way they sleep at night; Pretending we're on top and safe.

              You couldn't be more wrong. My intentions aren't to offend anyone, simply to share what I know so that there might be some more humans prepared for what is to come. If even only 1 more human is prepared after reading this blog than my mission will have not been in vain. Ultimately, even if no one listens, I will know that I tried to share the warning.

                I'm not going to get into it all in the welcome post, but for those like minded individuals right now, I'm sure you're reading this and thinking..."what have you experienced?" This is for you. In good time. I've (to date) never fully disclosed the entirety of my experiences openly, some of them were very traumatic and very early in my life. Choose to believe it or not, here is a brief recap of my history with the greys. I was afraid, at a very young age. I had this fear about these people who came at night, when we all slept, and took myself and several members of my family for extended periods of time. I expressed this fear openly, unashamed, and wanting protection and security from this nightmare. My oldest sister got the blame for feeding these ideas into my head and convincing me of this. This "explanation" of my childhood pathological fear of ET's never sat right with me. This is very important; I was not afraid because I had heard of them. I was afraid of them because I had dealt with them, and knew they were a cold and painful race to deal with. They do not share the human sense of compassion for other living things, but...shocker there, some humans don't even possess that. At any rate, they have brought physical, mental, emotional, and social discomfort and fear to almost every aspect of my life through their visits, and after years of being told what I've experienced can't be and is nothing more than a wild fantasy, I eventually stopped talking and just cried quietly in fear.

                  Then, one day...something amazing happened. I woke up and I wasn't afraid anymore. I was angry. As I matured into adulthood this intense fear became anger that I was put in this position, and frustration that the majority of my kind did not believe or understand, especially those closest to me. This anger faded away to curiosity; What have others experienced? Are all encounters with the grey as painful as mine were? And what do they want from us?

                   This was the beginning of my obsessive research with the beings known by the lack of color to their skin and the paralyzing fear they invoke with their large penetrating eyes. I would spend years pouring over encounters, cases of people just like me...just wanting some peace, answers, and maybe a little understanding from fellow humans. Some of them do appear to be a terrible fantasy of wild imagination, while others have brought me to tears with their raw descriptions of being an isolated human stuck in a tremendously painful and ultimately invisible cycle. To say the least, I can relate, and any which way you slice it I cannot judge. I was not them, and I was not there, so even the most convincing cases cannot be taken as fact or fiction. I can't know. I only know what I've experienced.

                    With all that being said, here comes the blog. This is a collection of my experiences with the greys, discussions about their possible intentions and methods, the disinformation process, and other pieces of info pertaining to the Greys that could (hopefully) help save a human from them. I wish you all the best. I am sure some of you will have negative things to say when I try to warn you of this, and I expect they will need to degrade and insult me to feel better about their security on Earth. I both accept this, and feel pity for these people. This blog is not really intended for you, as you wouldn't listen anyway. It's more for those like me, who would, who would know better than to laugh, no matter how absurd it sounds and try to find the grain. Either way I hope it serves you well.

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