Thursday, September 18, 2014

Phil Schneider is Full of S#*$.

Phil Schneider is full of shit. He is a liar, and so is his ex-wife.

And yes, I can prove it.

Okay, let me start at the beginning for anyone unfamiliar. Phil Schneider is known for giving a brief tour before his admittedly strange death about a legendary battle he was supposedly caught up in while working for the USG. To himself, his ex-wife, and his supporters he is a structural engineer who blew the whistle on the "dulce wars".  He began the tour with rather interesting scars, claiming they were from "alien weapons". One injury includes a rather large 9 inch scar down his torso where he claims the aliens "splayed" him open, and he is missing most of 2 fingers and his thumb on one hand, in an odd circular shape,claiming it was instantly burned off by an alien beam or laser type weapon.

One thing that struck me about his claim is he didn't seem to be the average crazy person, excited to share a fantastic tale. He appeared genuine in his concerns, fears, and sorrow for "lives lost" during the fabled battle. My better half and I agreed that if he was not telling the truth, he was a very good actor when it came to displaying emotion. We also agreed finding the thread that would unravel his story would lie in his medical records for the injuries. If we could prove he was injured another way, we would know his tall tale was nothing more than that. And so, I began the hunt.

Now, when Phil Schneider died one must admit there are odd circumstances around his death, to say the least. His ex-wife was convinced he had been murdered, and was determined to prove it if anyone would listen. What she actually did was prove to me that her ex-husband was nothing but a liar.

She gets very upset when the details of the autopsy report don't make sense to her. She throws ample accusations around in her rants in the margarins, but most importantly, as they discuss the condition of the body, she starts discussing her husbands body.

 A key point here is that when they further examined the body they noticed medical tubing tied around his neck. At one part in the report it says it was wrapped around twice, once, and three times, and details the knot differently as well. This very much upsets his ex-wife who keeps pointing out the discrepancy, but then finally makes the claim that Phil Schneider could not have possibly tied the tubing around his own neck. Why? Well, because according to her, he lost 80% of the use of one of his hands...due to a saw injury.

Here is a link to a copy of his autopsy report which was sent by his ex-wife to Pete Domenisi, as well as several others. You can read through all the crap if you want, but I already did that part for you and found the details you want to see. Scroll waaay down, almost to the bottom, till you find a page that says at the top "Page 2 - Philip Schneider's Death" (below his supposed "gold recipe") and read the last paragraph on that page. There it is, in his ex wifes words. He was not injured during a magnificent battle with aliens. He was injured with a saw. me, kinda makes sense for the circular injury.

The end. Phil Schneider is full of shit.


  1. The only person full of shit is the dumb fuck who wrote this article. Notice they need to create a fake name at the bottom of the article, lol. Autopsy results for anyone who wishes to know is written by people and can "ALWAYS" be fabricated. They can write whatever they want....It's not judge and jury!!! I'm not even going to go into detail about why this author is an idiot.

  2. All in all we as people need to no whats going on to an extent.
    I believe if you look at 4 missing hikers in march 1997 in phoenix during the phoenix lights incident and cross reference the names of the missing and all the weird shit that happened that night it all ties together from the very first incident in roswell this is all connected
    Or i mean we are
    Your life my life is the same as any other
    Were born we live we struggle we find love and we die
    Now a ant or a bee or a giraffe all animals live the same life pattern
    Be carefull what you wish to seek truth and knowledge about may cost you to miss a piece of your pattern..
    Follow the pattern .
    If you wish to know whats behind that sought after question (We) all wish to no
    Close your eyes
    Have a (Good) Sleep
    Ill see you soon and maybe take

    Your breath away with my friends we shall
    Dine !
    _ / _//___/_____^ ○