Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The "Captured Grey Alien From Brazil" Full Explanation - Not A Hoax, But A Misunderstanding

This one was high up on my list of videos to include in our "fake files".

Videos are a funny aspect of the alien phenomenon. One might think, why would you fake something like that? Well, there could be many motivators for fabricating an encounter and taping it including but not limited to, money, notariety, or as a prank or practical joke at the expense of those who have truly suffered something otherworldly.

And then theres a less realized, yet more simple answer. They weren't trying to 'fake' anything, they were just being creative. Often times, artistic creations get taken out of context, and we see this a lot in both the alien pop culture as well as the AAT community. The upside to this type of misunderstanding is it can often be cleared up with a little bit of research.

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This video bothered me when I first saw it. It stirred up a lot of emotions in me I didn't want to admit to or acknowledge, and it made my stomach tie up in knots. First of all, the way it moves and blinks, is just frightening to the core. I do not enjoy seeing grays, real or not. But those damn eyes, and the way they blinked, really made my stomach angry. And secondly, and probably more bizarrely, the odd sounds the creature made. There is the odd almost "chirp" sound it makes, and then some fumbled attempt at speaking. There's no easy way to say it reminded me of a toddler. I felt overwhelmed with a need to protect and rescue this creature, and to say the least that is NOT a normal feeling for me to have towards a gray. I don't think many who have encountered them would regard this as a normal emotional response to them, but perhaps those who claim to have taken part in the hybridization program might think it's not so strange.

Some time down the road we would all come to know it as a fake, as admitted by its creator Philipe Kling David, an amazing cgi artist from another nation.
Here is his online 'portfolio':

Here is a link to a forum where it is labeled as "already debunked":
And another...
And another..

Just to say I gave both sides a fair chance, the explanation for the blinking does not sit well with me. Furthermore, there was a lot of discussion about the poor lighting and how if you were capturing this you would want to do it in bright light. Yes, that is true. And I thought that, too. But when you consider the context of the piece, it actually does make sense. For one, they are supposedly sneaking into a room they were supposed to be guarding. You don't really want to draw a lot of attention to that, especially if the subject in question has very large sensitive eyes and might start shrieking, should you flip the switch.

The last of three forum links is a video which actually puts forth that the original video was real, and even though the artist came out about the project and how it was done, is just working to sell some disinformation. I don't know about all that, but I know he has admitted this was an art project, and happens to be an amazing CGI artist and if you look through his portfolio you will see that other world entities are not an uncommon muse for him. And that explanation, that this was scripted and made by an amazing CGI artist as a part of another alien art project who admits it...DOES sit well with me.

At the end of the day, the only person who can know is the original creator and poster, Philipe. And according to him...it's nothing more than a work of art.

Below is a conversation that the artist had taken part in about this work, and other works of his :

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