Monday, September 29, 2014

The Reality of UFO's

I think one of the phrases I hate the most is, "UFO's aren't real."
Really? You can identify them all?

A UFO does not mean aliens per say. A UFO is ANY UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT. Many UFO's have later been identified as secretive USAF air craft, which in turn have sparked their own controversies.

I have no doubt in my mind that it is completely possible some UFO's could be extra terrestrial, but it hasn't been proven yet. I.E., these ones have not been "identified".

There are plenty of cases of mistaken identity, as well. People will think they are seeing something truly out of the ordinary, but it may just be something they don't understand. As is the case with military and government secret crafts. In fact, the US Military has come out and said many of the UFO reports in the 50's and 60's were in fact their own crafts. 

The grays would seem to love confusion, so I imagine this works quite well for them. Would they go as far as to intentionally help create the confusion? If they are a more intelligent, highly evolved life form with the mental gifts described we can imagine that in our confused state we are much easier to manipulate and control than a calm, coherent adult with a strong mind. By that logic we can imagine that yes, they might go out of their way to confuse us if they are going out of their way to grab us and study us. Think about a scientist would you want a cage full of aware mice who could all strike your hand together at once, or would you want them to be stupid..confused..easy to grab without the others really understanding.

A better use of time than simply spouting something that is real and unidentified is "not real" would be to help identify the craft, if possible.

For your amusement, I've included several "UFO" video links below.

UFO Videos:

I included this one because I found a few of the fascinating, especially the one that seemed to disappear and reappear. I would say it's stealth technology needs some work though, lol.
Now, these things can be created. Totally fabricated. The world of design and animation has gotten rediculously amazing in my lifetime. Let's take a look at a video that is obviously an artistic creation and doesn't display any normal behaviors associated with UFO's..

That video is "directed by Aristomenis (Meni) Tsirbas of MeniThings Productions in partnership with the Gnomon School of Visual Effects. While Meni was responsible for direction, animation and lighting, a crew of talented Gnomon School students were assigned concept design, modeling and texturing for this all-CGI photoreal VFX experiment."

Now, lets think about this video for a minute. For one, the driver is apparently just driving a long and sees ufo's. Why then is he driving and filming? Now you can come back with a lot of retorts here, maybe he already saw it once and pulled his camera out hoping to see it again, or maybe he was gonna take a selfie on his road trip, but just stop for a minute and look at the obvious. He's driving...and filming. That is your first clue that this is an "entertainment" creation, not an actual sighting. Next, the UFO comes incredibly close to him, his vehicle, and the road. Typically, UFO's tend to stay further away; Flying very high up in the sky at incredible altitutdes, with speeds and maneuvers that make it difficult to track and see clearly. This is in essense, part of what makes them hard to identify. You can spot these easy to see cues and quickly spot an actual unidentified sighting from a production fairly easily.

And in the defense of artist, it's not always that they intended to create a "hoax". Sometimes, they were just doing their job or making something for fun and some idget took it out of context. Think before you make any judgements, should you decide to make any at all. I reserve my opinion to judge any as "legit", but I don't mind calling out a fake and trying to help identify them even though I'm not much use for it.

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